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With our new employee Katie all trained up and raring to go, we now have to say goodbye to Saphy! We are sad to see her leave Parkside Payroll, but excited as she jets off to Malaysia for the next chapter of her life! Fortunately she will still be our media mogul whilst away.


Katie is the newest recruit to Parkside Payroll! She has a warm, bubbly and friendly personality, which you will soon get to know if you call the office. She has worked as a PA for 11 years so brings a vast knowledge of the care system with her. We are delighted she has joined us and how quickly she has slotted into her role.

SCC Ofsted Feb
April22 Pay Rate


We are delighted to now be sponsors of Sheffield Hornets, a brilliant football club for children with special needs. We have just received an email from one of our parents whose son J plays with the Hornets showing him proudly wearing his new kit. We didnt know he played with the Hornets so this was a lovely surprise. He looks great. Keep enjoying that football J.



Good Friday (15th) - CLOSED

Easter Monday (18th) - CLOSED

19th April - OPEN

(but with limited phone line access)

PAs will all be getting a pay rise this month! Sadly, after a year receiving just above minimum wage, most PAs are back on minimum wage which is £9.50 from April '22. The equivalent percentage of 3.15% is applied to those on a variety of wages.

We will apply all the changes in April's payroll.


March is a busy month with new tax codes, sorting out holidays and year-end for all of our families! We would appreciate it if you could send your time-sheets in as early as you are able to this month to make processing payroll as efficient as possible! Thank you.



February has been a major milestone for Parkside Payroll. We have reached our 300th concurrent family - the youngest signed was 1 at the time and our current oldest will be 101 next month! More shelves needed! Thank you to all our families and friends for helping us reach this stage.


(CLOSED) There is now a survey for parents and carers in Sheffield to participate in for an upcoming Ofsted inspection of SCC (Sheffield City Council).


This is open to partake in from 12PM 14th Feb - 12PM 18th Feb 

Here is a direct link to the survey:


Additionally here is the official letter explaining the survey and evaluation: 

































Happy 2022! The team at Parkside Payroll wish you all a Happy New Year! We hope you have had a lovely holiday season and had some well deserved rest.


To show their appreciation for and in recognition of the dedication and commitment of all the care workers, including Personal Assistants throughout Sheffield, in what has been and continues to be an extremely challenging time, SCC has partnered with the Blue Light scheme to fund membership for all frontline care workers, including PAs. 

As SCC do not have a list of PAs, individual employers can apply through Disability Sheffield for a SCC key worker letter to confirm the PA is a key worker. PAs will need to prove this on the Blue Light Card.

The documents below explain how to do this. Additionally, further information will also be available on Disability Sheffield’s Website.

Blue Light Card Information for PAs and Employers

Blue Light Card PA Letter

footie photo2.jpg
footie photo.jpg


We have just had the biggest influx of new families. Welcome to all of you!

A temporary new shelf is in place but it wont be long until the office is alive with the sounds of sawing and drilling!

christmas cards.jpg


We hope you have had a lovely holiday time! Just a reminder that we are closed on the 3rd of January (as it is a bank holiday)! 

We are delighted to have received this lovely christmas card from one of our clients - Thanks George!

Holiday Hours! 

Click here to see a text-only version 























The holiday season is here... and so are our christmas/holiday cards Saphy's hand will be aching after writing all of these!

Not a lot of news this month, but we have had a surge of new families, so we wish you all a warm welcome!



The office will be closed all day on Wednesday 13th and will open again at 10.30am on Thursday 14th. Debi, Daniel and Saphy are heading south for their dad's/grandad's funeral. Thank you for all the kind messages we have received.



This has been a busy month for us with lots of new families. Welcome to you and your PAs! 

On a personal note it has been a very difficult month as Debi's dad (D & S's grandad) fell seriously ill and then sadly passed away. We have managed to keep on top of the workload but have not been as responsive to the telephone as usual. We apologise for this, but it has been a very challenging time as we are a purely family business. Thank you for your understanding.


Welcome to our new look website. We hope the new streamlined layout makes it easier for you to use.

We are delighted to have welcomed our first 2 Derbyshire based families this month.



Whilst visiting a new family we found out about the most wonderful football club for boys and girls from 3-16 , all with special needs. They have shut for the summer but now is the perfect time to plan for September. Inspirational people!!!! Hillsborough Hornets! Watch out for further information in the autumn.



We are in the process of updating our website to make it even more user-friendly. All the current information and pages will still be available, but there may be additional pages. If there is anything you think it would be useful for us to add please let us know and we will see what we can do.




SCC have been quick to roll out the uplifts so all PAs have had pay increases. In addition Service Providers have increased their fees, Almost all at the automatic 4.99%; those asking for more have been passed on to SCC.


The new national minimum wage is £8.91 but SCC has set a minimum wage for PAs of £9.21.


Following a meeting (07/04/2021) with Mary Gardner (Direct Payment Commissioning Manager) at SCC, we have been informed that from this April, SCC are implementing a new system for “uplifts”- pay/invoice increases.


This has been brought in to enable PAs on a different rate to minimum wage to receive an annual pay increase without the need for a review/change in support plan. The percentage is the maximum amount a wage should be increased by. April 2021 the percentage increase is a maximum of 5.66%. For day service/care providers the increase from April 2021 is 4.99%.


Any provider wishing to increase fees by more than this amount will need to contact SCC to see if additional increases will be paid. Any increase below 4.99% we will be able to accommodate without contacting SCC.



It is the time of year when we receive a flurry/avalanche of letters about tax codes for the new financial year. Not all come directly to us, so if a PA or employing family receives a tax code letter please forward it onto us as soon as possible. Thank you.



It appears the link to the 'vaccine for PAs' website has been fixed. Your employee number is your NHS number.

To all PAs: We have been sending out notification that you can register for the Covid vaccine. People have been having problems registering so far, with questions about their employee number and the funding stream. We have made suggestions about the number which haven't worked. We have now contacted SCC for clarification. We will let you know as soon as we know the answers!



IMPORTANT VACCINE NEWS: SCC have said that all PAs wanting the Covid vaccine should use the online portal: www.sheffield.gov.uk/pavaccine


We have already had a flurry of new families so welcome to you all. Let's hope this year sees the end of the pandemic and life can return to "normal". We know lockdown is causing many families a lot of problems as they are missing much needed services.

We have heard from SCC that they are putting together a list of PAs for the Covid vaccine. When we hear more we will let you know.

Christmasa Card.jpg
Staysafesheffield - Coronavirus Symptoms
Christmas Tree Art


Christmas Office Hours:

Christmas Eve: Close at 12.30pm

Christmas Day: Closed

Boxing Day BH(28th): Closed

Tuesday 29th-Thursday 31st: Open

New Year's Day: Closed

We would like to wish all our families, friends, providers and supporters

a very Happy Christmas and a Happy and Healthy and Safe New Year.


Photo: The most lovely Christmas card made by one of our young people, George. A work of art.



We are delighted to have been joined by our new admin assistant, Saphy. She is already making a huge difference behind the scenes.

SCC has sent out letters to families receiving DPs explaining the government has issued guidelines for the easement of rules about usage of DPs. If you need any advice, please get in touch.



Several of our clients have asked to send timesheet photos via Whatsapp, so we have now added this as an option. We hope this is helpful for you.


              Name: Parkside Payroll

              Phone Number: 07591927518

As we are slowly approaching winter and this year there more uncertainties healthwise than ever before, SCC have sent out this infographic to help identify symptoms. We hope you all stay safe and well but if not this may help.



More and more day centres are starting to open again so we hope some "normality" and structure is returning to some of your lives.

The August influx of new families has continued fairly unabated, so we are delighted to welcome you all. And sadly we have had to say farewell to some popular clients who have had to move into residential care. We wish you and your families all the best for your continued care. We will miss you and your PAs.


This has been our busiest month ever for taking on new families. We are delighted to welcome you all and look forward to working with you.

We have very sadly "lost" a few of our elderly clients over the last few months and our deepest sympathies go out to all those families. We really enjoyed our time with you and there are some real characters who will be sorely missed.



This month SCC is refunding 4 weeks contributions to families' as part of their Covid strategy. Some day services are starting to reopen but this is a slow process and sadly things won't be "back to normal" any time soon.


SCC has sent out guidance on whether families should stop/reduce contributions.


“In essence, if someone is still receiving any of their services, whether Council Arranged or DP, they are likely to still need to pay some or all of their weekly contribution – as usual, they pay first and the Council tops-up to the level of support they are receiving.”


We will do our best to advise on individual cases based on amounts paid and cost of care.



This is the latest information about Direct Payments from SCC during the pandemic

Sheffield City Council Managing Your Direct Payment During the Coronavirus Pandemic - 21st May


In April's payroll PAs' wages are being increased, where appropriate, to the new National Minimum wage. SCC have deferred processing any increase in contributions until July.



Sheffield City Council has issued further guidance on using direct payments during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Advice from SCC: Managing Your Direct Payment During the Coronavirus Pandemic - 7th May

From 1st April, National Minimum wage has risen to £8.72 per hour. It usually takes a few weeks for the additional money to appear in direct payments. If there are sufficient funds in the account we will increase payments immediately, if not PAs will receive the increase as a backdated adjustment as soon as possible.


Coronavirus Pandemic

These are worrying times particularly for our families with additional needs and health issues. For PAs too the prospect of not being able to work is also a worry.

As the situation is constantly changing the best we can do is tell you what we currently know.

Parkside Payroll is in a strong position to keep on working regardless –even in a lockdown situation we only have to cross a private patio to get to work!!

We are liaising with Sheffield City Council on a daily basis. We have been reassured that SCAS will continue to send out direct payments and as long as that happens we can make the payments we need to make.

PAs: SSP will be paid from 1st day of sickness where people are sick, have to self-isolate or care for such people. Sadly most PAs don’t reach the SSP threshold – there will be support for those PAs not reaching the threshold through Universal Credit and Employment and Support Allowance. We are awaiting further advice from SCC.

We will keep you updated when we learn more.

Hoping you all stay as fit and well as possible. All our best wishes, Debi and Dan

Here is the latest information from SCC about paying PAs etc during these challenging times


SCC Direct Payments - PA FAQ - 30th March

PA Information: Sheffield City Council has sent out an advice sheet re protective equipment during this pandemic, we attach it below.


PPE Frequently Asked Questions


We have received the first few of probably 140 near identical letters from HMRC. The Employment Allowance is changing and as such now needs renewing annually. Please don't worry about this, this is now something we have added to our year end/new financial year procedures. And the £100000 NI threshold is not one that any employer (family) in the care scheme is likely to reach!


We are also now fully paid up members of the data protection register! This doesn't actually mean we are doing anything different apart from paying a compulsory fee! But we do take data protection very seriously and do not share your information with anyone other than those who need to know for us to process payroll.                   



We are delighted to have an amazing start to the year. Welcome to all our families this February. We have also started offering appointeeships now and welcome our first 2 clients to this service. As February winds to a close we are really grateful to be in such a good position and are looking forward to a busy year helping all our families new and old.



HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, and welcome to our new families in 2020. It has been a busy start to the year not only visiting a flurry of new families but also this is when we submit all the managed accounts to SCC for auditing. A slightly time consuming but very necessary job.



Christmas Hours


We are also sadly CLOSED 3rd JAN for a family funeral.

This has been a great year for us and as it winds to a close we would like to thank all our wonderful families, PAs and supporters.




We never expected when we set up the business that we would need to do a Money Laundering Risk Assessment! But we have now done one and have embedded it into our Financial Procedures Policy!


We much prefer the actual work with our families, but will always stay on top of the latest legislation no matter how irrelevant it seems!                                   


Those shelves went up just in time! We have just had our biggest ever week for referrals with 10 new families being referred to us. Visits are happening as quickly as possible. We look forward to working with you all.




We start the month having done some more shelf building to accommodate our increasing numbers.










Welcome to all our new families. We look forward to working with you.



Dan once again did a great job while Debi had a second holiday away, this time with her daughter.


Debi was particularly pleased that having recently read about the sunflower lanyards for those with autism, that she saw a young man wearing one at the airport and that people responded to it in a positive way.                          



On 19th July the office will be closed for one day as we head to Wales for a family graduation.

We will have things in place to minimise impact for our families and will be open again the following Monday. Thank you for your understanding.



We have families asking us every month if we can help find them a PA. Sadly recruitment isn't something we do, however wherever possible we will always put out a request on our Facebook page and pass on any PA contacts from this to the family. It has resulted in some great successes in the past, but there are no guarantees!

So any PAs looking for  additional hours please              and keep a close eye on our Facebook page. Thank you! 



Debi went off on her dream holiday leaving Dan in charge for almost 3 weeks. As expected he did a great job and Debi returned to a flurry of new families too.


In the last couple of months we have welcomed many new families and we are delighted to working with you all.


HMRC are currently sending out new tax codes for everyone not on the standard personal allowance (£12,500 for 2019-2020).


We receive them directly for all Managed Accounts but would request that all payroll-only families forward them on to us as soon as possible. Thank you.


We are also starting the process of completing year ends and sending out P60s. This also means the holiday year is refreshed.


We also send out feedback forms which we would be grateful if families

could complete and return. It helps us to keep improving our service. Thank you.



On 15th March the office will be closed for the day! It will be the only working day we have been closed in 4 1/2 years!! We are off on a family weekend away to celebrate Debi's Big Birthday (Not big enough for a telegramme though!) We will be back on duty from lunchtime on Monday 18th.


We have now added some of the most requested payroll documents to our Information Page. They can always still be requested in paper form from us.


It's that time of year when HMRC sends out copious quantities of reminders to pay electronically. Any of our families who receives one of these, don't worry and just keep on paying as you have been, just as we will do with all the families' budgets we manage. That's 125 letters, envelopes and 1st class postage just to the families we deal with...makes you think!



Happy New Year to all our families, PAs, service providers, friends and supporters. We hope it is a good year for everyone. Whilst we worked most of the Christmas period, with the curtailed postal collections there may have been some delay in families receiving paperwork, though hopefully this caused minimal disruption.

Parkside Payroll Shelves



As we are rapidly approaching the Christmas holidays we would like to

remind families and PAs that we are happy to receive timesheets early

in order to process them promptly.


We would like to wish all our families, their PAs, service providers,

our friends and supporters a very Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year!



It is with amazement that we have realised we have already been "in business" for 4 years now! From tiny beginnings we have grown steadily and are delighted to have had to make upgrades to our office this year to accommodate all our families files.


Not many of you will have ever seen the inside of our office so here is a glimpse of it. Thank you to to all the families, PAs, Social Workers, providers and friends who have made these first 4 years such a pleasure.




We often get requests to help families recruit PAs. Our area of expertise is all things financial and we are not able to recruit for families. We do however always offer to post on our Facebook page and forward any responses. 


This has been successful for some families and we are happy to help like this when we can. So please do check our Facebook page regularly.... and               us. Thank you.



Following the sad and untimely death of one of our clients, we have put together a leaflet about redundancy payments. This is rare for carers, but occasionally it is relevant. The leaflet is on our Information page.



As a result of working closely with a Personal Assistant who is continuing to work past "retirement age" we have added an information sheet about retirement age and pensions to our Information page. He has found it useful, we hope it will be for others too.




We are delighted to have signed our 100th family. Mum turned out to be an old friend so we are delighted to be working with her again.


We welcome all the new families of recent months and look forward to working with you all -even when there are some complex problems to unravel!



June 11th-18th is National Carers Week. At Parkside Payroll we would like to acknowledge and show our appreciation for the amazing work done by carers, both paid and unpaid. Thank you to you all.




Thank you to those families who have returned feedback forms to us, we have included some new comments on our feedback page.

Also with all the current publicity surrounding GDPR we would just like to repeat that in early February we  made a few changes to documents and policies and are fully compliant "On 25th May this year the new Data Protection law will come into place, "GDPR" (General Data Protection Regulation).


As a result we have done a thorough audit of our documents and processes and are happy that having made a minor amendment to a couple of documents we are now already fully compliant. Accordingly we have also updated our privacy policy which can be found on the information page.


But in a nutshell, we do not share anyone's information with anyone not involved in running the payroll/managed account, which in practice means SCC, HMRC, Pensions Regulator and Insurance company -and only ever the relevant information. For any other information/stories/photos which we use on our Facebook or website we seek express permission." All documents with personal/financial information which are no longer needed are always shredded and then composted! 



From 1st April there is a new National Living wage of £7.83. As yet SCC haven't increased the payments for PAs to take account of this. We have contacted them to find out how quickly this might happen. As last year, we expect it may take some time but PAs will receive the increased amount backdated to 1st April. Patience may be needed!



Many people may not have realised that Daniel was in sole charge of the business for 4 weeks, whilst Debi went off on a grand adventure, as things continued seamlessly. It has been a delight to have received so many phone calls praising not only his work and commitment but also him as a person.


He achieved all this and took care of a crisis with his 93yr old grandad and Debi's sudden illness on her return! Parkside Payroll is lucky to have such a dedicated, kind, caring and hardworking young man at its heart. 



On 25th May this year the new Data Protection law will come into place, "GDPR" (General Data Protection Regulation). As a result we have done a thorough audit of our documents and processes and are happy that having made a minor amendment to a couple of documents we are now already fully compliant. Accordingly we have also updated our privacy policy which can be found on the information page. But in a nutshell, we do not share anyone's information with anyone not involved in running the payroll/managed account, which in practice means SCC, HMRC, Pensions Regulator and Insurance company - and only ever the relevant information. For any other information/stories/photos which we use on our Facebook or website we seek express permission.



Firstly, Happy New Year to all our families, old and new, our other clients, friends and supporters. We hope it is a good year for everyone.

And secondly, a warning that a couple of our families have received phone-calls supposedly from HMRC telling them a lawsuit is being filed for non-payment of tax and asking them to press a button to speak to someone....these are hoaxes, this is not how HMRC works, so please just disconnect!

Parkside Payroll Office
YIASC DOOR43 2017 Leaflet
Rotherham Health and Community Guide
Parkside Payroll Franking Photo
Sheffield Health and Community Guide 2017
Sheffield Healthcare Guide 2017
Rotherham Independent Living Brochure 2017
Money Management Protocol Logo SCC
Sheffield 2017 - Staying Well Guide
Sheffield 2017 - Staying Well Guide


Just a reminder, as Christmas approaches, that you can send in timesheets early. We will then get payroll processed accordingly and if necessary make any adjustments the following month (if hours aren't completed as expected).


With best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our families and friends.


We have been told by Social Services of a new service for 13-25 year olds offering support and guidance around mental health and well being. It is available as a drop in service and is free. Here is the link to their page and their leaflet!



Door43 at Sheffield Futures





We are delighted to announce that Debi has become a trustee at The Golddigger Trust, an award-winning Sheffield charity working with young people around areas of self-esteem and sexual exploitation. We thinks this fits well with our ethos here at Parkside Payroll. A link to their site is now on our Information page.


Pensions! Several families with long term DP packages have now reached the staging dates. We are enrolling you all as fast as we can! For newer families when you get a letter from The Pensions Regulator Don't Panic! Please just forward the letter to us and we will take over!



Just a reminder that at holiday times (whether school holidays, public holidays or your own holidays) we are more than happy to receive timesheets early so that PAs can still be paid on time. And for those of you with children - have a lovely Half Term.



We are now featured in the Rotherham Health and Community Guide



Sheffield City Council have just issued a revised list of contacts for Adult Social Care teams. To download a copy of the document just click below:

SCC Adult Social Care Teams



Watch out for the new franked Parkside Payroll mail coming through your door after our new franking machine arrives next week!




Another busy month, so welcome to all our new families. We look forward to working with you. We have also had several calls asking about our fees so we have added an information leaflet to our information page, although phone calls are still always welcome!



It's been a busy month already and only one week has gone by! Firstly welcome to our new payroll and managed account families. We are delighted to have you with us. We have also just completed our bi-annual monitoring form for the MM RPL.


And finally we are now in the new Sheffield area Health and Community Guide. Printed copies are being distributed next month (August 2018)



We are now on Page 48 of the new Rotherham Brochure being distributed to help people wanting to continue living independently in their own homes. We look forward to working with those families in Rotherham who need a friendly local payroll/budget management service.






We are now on the Money Management RPL and have a new pink logo to use!



Just a reminder that with the start of the new tax year rapidly approaching, we will be updating  tax codes for 2017-2018. If HMRC sends change of tax code information straight to you, please make sure we also have a copy! Thank you.


We are delighted to announce that when Sheffield City Council opens its new Money Management Recognised Provider List (RPL) on 1st April  that we will be included and will get another logo to display! The list has been closed for years while criteria were reset and a rigorous application process has now been successfully completed. Also a warm welcome to our new families this month!


We are delighted that the new NHS "Staying Well" booklet has arrived in the post this week. Page 12 is of special interest! The booklet will appear in clinics, surgeries, libraries and many other places across the city.


NHS - Staying Well - Your Guide to Health in Sheffield



Happy New Year to you all! We're off to a flying start with everyone having got timesheets to us so promptly that we started the New Year up and running. And a very warm welcome to our new families and new business clients, we look forward to a happy and successful working relationship with you.

Baby Basics Logo
Recognised Provider Logo SCC
Work Ltd Logo


As the Christmas holidays rapidly approach we'd like to remind families and PAs that we are more than happy to receive timesheets early in order to process them promptly for you. We would like to wish all our families, PAs, friends and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Parkside Payroll.


Sheffield City Council is conducting a survey about Direct Payment Support. This is what they say:


  • Do you receive social care or health care support?

  • Do you support someone who receives social care or health care?

  • Are you a practitioner working with people who receive social care or health care support?

If so we would like your views on Direct Payment Support in Sheffield. We would like your views even if you do not receive a direct payment or fund your support as it is important to find out why people chose not to have a direct payment as well as the experiences of those who do have an direct payment.

If you are someone who receives social or care or health this is the link to the survey: -CLOSED-


The findings will be used to help influence the support available for people in Sheffield who manage their own social care and health care support and the development of future direct payment support in the City.  On behalf of Sheffield Individual Employer & PA Development Group and in partnership with Sheffield City Council, Disability Sheffield have secured some funding from Skills for Care for this project. A steering group made up of people in receipt of social care and health care support, family carers, council and NHS officers and Disability Sheffield will be co-designing Direct Payment Support for the City using the findings from the survey, building on individuals experiences and looking at good practice in other parts of the country. In the New Year we will be inviting you to a meeting to share the findings and for you to have the opportunity to help us shape our proposals for Direct Payment Support in the City.

If you would like more information or to talk to someone about your experiences and views please contact:

                     Emily Morton emily.morton@disabilitysheffield.org.uk (0114 25364747)




We are delighted to now be working with Baby Basics UK, one of Sheffield's premier charities. We are looking forward to a long and happy working relationship. For more information on Baby Basics and the wonderful work they do, there is a link to their website on our Information page.

Whilst in Oxford for the weekend Debi was able to visit our southernmost client and attend her fundraising and awareness afternoon for those suffering with Frontotemporal Degeneration (classed as a rare dementia).


Most people (including doctors!) have never heard of this, but it has just gained a slightly higher profile following the news that Terry Jones of Monty Python has it. Rita and her daughter are delighted to have finally found a support group in the UK so their isolation is hopefully at an end. Links to useful sites are on our Information page.



We are delighted to have met and got to know Tracy Rose, a trustee and parent involved with the PDA Society. Their website may be very useful to other families: https://www.pdasociety.org.uk/


After a lost application and a lot more form filling in we are delighted to have finally joined

Sheffield City Council's Recognised Provider List! 





Even with rising numbers of families we are delighted that we have been able to process every timesheet, pay every PA and send out all the end of month summaries and it's not even 10am on the 1st of the month! We thank you all for the part you play in getting information to us so promptly.



There is a new payslip explanation fact sheet now added to the Information page which has been made to help make things clear for all our PAs and families, especially those who haven't had holidays listed on payslips from other providers.                                

Just a reminder that you don't have to wait till the end of the month to send in time sheets if the hours are known in advance. It may be easier over the summer for some families to send them in earlier. This may especially be true next month with the Bank Holiday! Please do get in touch if you have any queries about this.



The government is planning a new strategy for carers and wants input from carers themselves. If you go to their website you can be part of this. You have till 31st July to complete the survey -CLOSED-


What with May Bank Holiday and schools' half term we are impressed how many families have managed to get their timesheets to us so promptly. Also well done to all those PAs who have contacted HMRC to have their tax codes split across jobs: more money in your pay packets! We hope everyone enjoys a pleasant Bank Holiday weekend.



We have been up to Work Ltd today with our friends at Select Support to have a cup of tea and cake in their newly refurbished café: The Hidden Gem Café. Lovely surroundings, such friendly and welcoming people and delicious cake :) We can highly recommend it!





We're rapidly approaching that slightly hectic year end...all outstanding holidays will be credited in this final pay period of the tax year. P60s will also be sent out to everyone with any payroll processed at the end of the month. For any that fall early in April the P60s will be sent out then. We are also enclosing feedback sheets with this payroll as a way of constantly monitoring our service, so please do complete them if you can.



What a great way to end the week  - One of our lovely "Managed Account" families has had some great news today. Their young man, following a review, has been awarded significantly more hours which will enable him to have the support he really needs, and that mum really needs too. Well done to Select Support and especially their social worker for making this happen. Our small part in the process was to support mum through her worries over money, contributions etc. We don't just manage the account, we help manage our clients' anxieties too.


Had a lovely morning visiting Work Ltd, meeting staff and seeing everyone busy with all sorts of crafts and activities. So many smiling faces. If anyone wants to know more about them, please see their website: workltd.org.uk


Just as a footnote: Their Hidden Gem Café is due to reopen after refurbishment on 14th March.        



One of our parents has just posted this on her Facebook page and we'd like to share it as it is relevant to those with children with SEN.

"Heads up for SEN parents. This is confirmation from Sheffield Parent Carer Forum..in case your SENCO or LA tell you differently. While your child still has a statement, the relevant sections of the OLD Code of Practice apply to them. Until April 2018, the old and the new legal system will be running in tandem, and which law applies depends on whether your child has a statement or an EHCP."

We hope this useful information might help others.



As we come to the end of our first calendar year and look both back and forwards, we are proud and happy at the service we have been able to offer our families and look forward to continued growth and "customer satisfaction".


Making life easier for our families in some small way makes us happy. So we wish you all a Happy New Year. PS just a few more timesheets needed, please do send them in - we are working. Best wishes from all at Parkside Payroll!


We are open to process the payroll through most of the holiday, but if any family would like it processed early, please send the timesheets to us whenever suits you and we can do this, (though not on Christmas Day!) We would like to wish all our families, PAs, colleagues and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.




We are proud to announce that we are now closely working with a new support service provider: Select Support Sheffield. They offer quality support workers and personal assistants to families and individuals.  We look forward to a long and happy working relationship with them as their services complement ours perfectly.


What a pleasure and a privilege to attend a piano concert performed by one of our young men, Zak Meyer and his friend Max Day. Amazing playing –these boys learn by ear and play from memory –astounding! And the final piece where they played “in competition” was played with such humour and skill it was brilliant. Not only that but there were excellent cakes in the interval and on top of it all the boys raised £234 for Children in Need. Talent and generosity of spirit –truly inspirational.



Despite the growing number of families we are delighted to say that yet again everyone submitted their hours in sufficient time for us to put in a really long day on 30th and get everyone's payroll processed before the end of the month - I'm sure your PAs will be very grateful. Thank you to you all.


We have added information on Sick Pay to our Information page, following requests from families. We hope this helps, but please get in touch if we can help further.


A flurry of new families this week, welcome to you all. We hope to have a long and successful working relationship with you. Hopefully we have answered all your questions, but you and our existing families are always welcome to contact us with any query no matter how "silly" it may seem.


Those of you new families, who are also employers, have had your registration with the Pensions Regulator updated!


Welcome to our new families this month. We look forward to working with you.

Existing families are now all registered with the Pensions Regulator, even those whose letters went astray!



Thank you to all our wonderful families and PAs as every one of you got your timesheets/hours to us by the last day of the month, especially as it is the school holidays for some. To show our appreciation we extended our working hours to make sure every single one was processed by the end of Friday. So all PAs and all invoices were paid and the paperwork was in the post before the end of the month – fantastic. Special thanks to the lovely lady who took time to phone us before going back into hospital – just to make sure her PAs were paid! We know your PAs will all be grateful to have their wages so promptly. So thank you everyone.


For anyone who has received a letter from the Pensions Regulator and not yet forwarded it to us or contacted them yourselves please be aware there is a deadline of 31st July! So there is still time. Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Families have started receiving correspondence from the Pensions Regulator. This is causing anxiety for many. Please do not worry. We will help guide you through this. We have put the main information on our Information page to help you. As with anything, don't worry alone, get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you.


Thanks to every one who has returned their feedback form - some of the kind comments now feature on our new Feedback page. If you haven't returned your form, it is not compulsory! But it does help us monitor and improve our service to you.



Just a reminder to send any notifications of changed taxcodes to us. HMRC doesn't always send them directly to us and we want to keep your records up to date for you.



The year end is almost upon us. Please let us know any holidays taken so we can complete the year accurately. P60s will be on their way to PAs with this payroll.

Welcome to our new families this month. It has been a great start to the month. We're particularly delighted to welcome our first family from outside South Yorkshire! We look forward to a long and happy working relationship with you.



We have been asked if we can offer families an independent minute-taking service for review meetings. With years of experience in minute-taking we are delighted to be able to offer this service. Please get in touch if you would like to use this service.


We are now offering payroll services to small local businesses too, although our core business remains with families as we particularly love this work.


We would like to wish all our families, PAs, friends and supporters a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2015!