We are a Sheffield-based family run business offering Payroll and Budget Management Services

Payroll Services

Parkside Payroll offers families a reliable simple payroll service which frees them from the worry of dealing with HMRC, keeping accurate records for them.

Our aim is to make life as stress- and worry-free as possible for everyone.

Therefore we guide our clients through the whole process!

Firstly we talk through important steps including: 

  • Registering as an employer

  • Taking out Employer's Liability Insurance

  • Sorting out Pension schemes

  • How to set up a contract with PAs and sending in timesheets

We then take over and run the payroll, notifying HMRC of payments made and we make the necessary FPS on your behalf. We also help organise holiday pay for PAs and pension advice when appropriate. We help with monitoring reports for SCC. We also helps your PAs with advice on tax codes. We complete year ends promptly and efficiently. And we help with anything else that might crop up over the year.


With years of experience in working with families with disabled young people and also older people receiving Direct Payments (whether funded by Social Services or NHS or both), we know that they value the peace of mind a reliable, friendly and local business can provide. This then frees them to spend more time with their family which is what they most need. We have learnt that being available to respond quickly to anxieties and payroll queries is a quality which is greatly appreciated as is having genuine understanding of individual families’ needs. There is no need to worry alone when a phone call could put your mind at rest!


Budget Management Services

Parkside Payroll offers a more comprehensive full Budget Management Service


Here we take complete responsibility for all the finances, paying PAs, bills etc.


We keep accurate records which are also sent for monitoring by the local Council (always password protected for complete confidentiality).


This service often includes the full payroll service (as described above), but in some instances involves invoice paying to an agency/service provider only. 


We take pride in offering a full, fast and friendly service and are there at the end of the phone or via email to answer your queries, no matter how small. We work closely with other service providers to maintain the most efficient service for all our clients.

Our aim is to make life as stress- and worry-free as possible for everyone.