Every year in April we send out feedback forms to our families and businesses to help us monitor and improve our service to you.

Every family is happy to recommend us to their families and friends! We hope this helps you to feel that this could be the service for you. We pride ourselves on close working relationships with all our families. They are not and never will be just numbers to us. 

Here are some of the kind comments families, PAs, service providers and social workers have made to us!


What do you particularly like about our service?

"Fast and efficient. Can access via phone, text or email. It's seamless! Honestly I've found it convenient and effective" - AM 2021


"Very friendly service and very competent. I love this company and would recommend them to anyone needing this service."  - CT 2021

"Straightforward, prompt to respond, quick and efficient processing of wages and quick to answer queries- AT 2021


"Supportive, individually tailored service. Prompt reply to enquiries. Friendly, helpful and professional. High quality" - HMc 2021


"Always friendly and quick to respond to any questions. Clear relevant information - easy to understand, thank you" - EW 2021


"Very professional and friendly. Fast response to emails and telephone calls. I have already recommended you to people" - RR 2021

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From PAs

What do you particularly like about our service?

"I love the friendly family approach to their clients and the speed to which problems and timesheets are completed. I was with a different company prior to Parkside who were extremely unhelpful and always paid me late. When I changed over I couldn’t believe how helpful, friendly and approachable they are. Any problems are completed straight away and I am paid on time even if my time sheets are late! (me bad!) I absolutely love you guys, you’ve helped me out so much and made a huge difference to my stress. I can’t thank you enough- ES 2020


"Friendliness, quickness of response to any issues and very approachable. Always willing to help with a smile. Difficult to improve, I often submit my timesheets and the money is in my account within hours. Difficult to do better than that" - JH 2020

"Very friendly service, will go above and beyond to help.... [this service has] more than any other service to offer" - KF 2016


"Your prompt attention and care. My wages are always on time. You are always ready to help if we have problems" - NW 2016


[Parkside Payroll are] "friendly and efficient and very approachable. If I need any information I only have to ask and things are resolved. Would absolutely recommend." - MW 2017

From Service Providers

"I love it when I find out you are paying for people as you are so good at keeping us up-to-date with what's happening!" - UtS 2019


"Parkside Payroll provide an excellent service, they are professional and prompt. I deal with many other finance management companies and find Parkside to be clear leaders in this sector" - Twelve Trees, Sheffield 2017


"Very efficient, friendly service, with a good knowledge of the clients they provide services for. [Would recommend] compared to other companies they are the most professional" - JH, Sheffield 2017

From Social Workers

"Glad things are moving along  well, the family need some stability and a service they can trust." - LB 2017


previous years


What do you particularly like about our service?

"Parkside Payroll is a fantastic small, friendly family-run business. Very efficient service. Always quick to answer any questions I may have" - NW 2020


"I like completely your service" [Anything we can improve?] "Nothing at all honestly" - MK 2020


"You have a very personalised approach and I feel you look at our family's needs in an individualised way. You go above and beyond every time. Thank you" - JT 2020


"Very efficient and personal service. Prompt response to any queries" - WW 2020


"The punctual and friendly communication. Easy to get hold of someone to speak with. Good value " - GB 2020


"Can I just say how efficient you are. It is a breath of fresh air -Thank you!" - ED 2020


"Dan and Debi are very professional and very easy to talk to if ever I need to query anything" - LC 2020


"Parkside Payroll are very helpful, they sort out any queries and Debi makes sure that we are kept informed of any new information/procedures. Takes a lot of worry off my shoulders" - CG 2020


What do you particularly like about our service?

"Always friendly and helpful. Not patronising in any way. Always willing to go the extra mile. Did sterling work dealing with NEST Pensions!!!" - WB 2019


"How efficiently my queries are answered and the support and advice I receive- CW 2019


"Parkside Payroll are quick with payments and help everything run smoothly. DJ is is very helpful if I need to ask about anything." - DS 2019


What do you particularly like about our service?


"Debi Jones is one of the nicest lady I have had the pleasure of meeting. She has been so helpful to me with all my paperwork all the way" "[It would be good] to have more people like her in the workforce" [Would you recommend us to other families?] "YES YES YES YES" - HS 2018


"Honesty, helpfulness, flexibility, can't do enough to help, regular contact, friendly, really care" 

- EO 2018


"It's a very personable service. Parkside Payroll are always on hand to advise. Debi seems to really 'get' the emotional impact a caring role has and sorting out the payroll takes a real weight off. Nothing is too much for Debi...You exceed in all areas." - JT 2018


"Debi takes away the worry and hassle of dealing with direct payments. Everything is sorted quickly and efficiently and any problems are quickly dealt with" [Would you recommend us to other families?] "Definitely - Have already done so" - CG 2018


"The service Parkside Payroll has provided since July 2017 has been efficient, prompt and the staff have been available to answer any extra queries. I would rate the service 10/10." - LM 2018


"Efficiency, politeness, availability, ease of use, level of support and care, good communication. Thank you!" - HM 2018 



What do you particularly like about our service?


"The providers of this service are knowledgeable, efficient & courteous. Furthermore the service is always quick and correct. Also they are always helpful if there is a problem. They help when the tax involved in employing people becomes worrisome. Efficiency seems to be the company's watchword" - IP 2017


What do you particularly like about our service?


"Friendly, efficient service, regular statements, answering my queries that I may be worried about" - PS 2016


"I like the fact that all the responsibility is taken away from myself. I need not worry now. Parkside Payroll are doing a great job and are very approachable...if I need anything" - LC 2016

"The service from Parkside Payroll is very, very efficient. Just pick up the phone and your queries on actions are dealt with. Service is great, keep on doing what you're doing" - MA 2016


[It is] "friendly, efficient and goes that extra mile to make sure everything is sorted out and explained" - PP 2016


What do you particularly like about our service?

"Every aspect- very efficient" - MRF 2015


"Debi understands our family situation and the service feels very personalised. It is nice to have a friendly and helpful person to help with payroll. My previous experience meant dealing with different people or having trouble actually being able to talk to someone, but PP is much more efficient because they are a small company. The phone always gets answered or else calls are returned the same day. I feel confident that Debi is managing our account. She really knows her stuff. She knows that we have enough to deal with at home. I find this very reassuring. It's very helpful that I can notify hours via text and send timesheet when it's convenient around the needs of the family" - JT 2015